MondayTalks // Lets Talk Heartbreak.

Happy Monday Chickas !, I wanted to talk about something serious this Monday, something a lot of us struggle to cope with. We all go through heart break at least once in our lives, if you haven’t you’re truly blessed. Heartbreak comes in different ways, Breaking up with a partner, Loosing someone you loved, Loosing… Continue reading MondayTalks // Lets Talk Heartbreak.

Animal Care

Cruelty free cosmetics & Company’s to avoid.

Hi there chicka’s!, If you’re a big animal lover like me, you know why this subject is so important. I try my hardest not to buy from brand’s that use animals for testing. I can picture there poor helpless furry’s stuck in a small box in a lab, in agony and unable to protect themselves,… Continue reading Cruelty free cosmetics & Company’s to avoid.